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I am a 8 month old standard Collie. I am very energetic and I love to play all day. My mom and dad love to have me at Doggies' Den because I am tired when I get home so they can sleep all night and I won't bother them. I am very sweet and love people. I love to play in the water bowl at the Den and it goes all over the floor.



Tigba was rescued from the streets of Port-an-Prima, Haiti. She was emaciated, had parasites and many bones were broken. Now she runs sheep around the field and has a great time. Right now she has two speeds: on and off! She is very loving, and likes to tear the house apart.



My name is Trevor and I am 4 years old. I love to be petted and will sit on your lap any time I have the opportunity. I don't like to swim, but enjoy wading in water and sitting under a cool tree in the summer. As you can see from my picture, my newest hobby is my laptop.



Tyler is a very friendly golden boy. He is very smart and learns things quickly. His absolute favorite toy is a flashlight or laser pointer. He will often bark at me when it's insight to play. Tyler had the habit of waking me up by jumping on the bed and sitting on my chest. He does not realize his size. He is an 80 lbs. lap dog!! Tyler's newest trick is to "speak". However when giving the command he takes several tries of blowing noises before he finally lets it rip!



Winston is a friendly dog. He loves to walk around the lake with his mommy and play catch with a tennis ball with his daddy. His favorite treat is an ice cube on a hot summer’s day, and of course a peanut butter filled Kong!!




Yoshi is a Basenji which is an African barkless hound. He loves to sniff and will have his nose to the ground during walks. Just because he doesn't bark, doesn't mean he's speechless. He will yodel if he's happy to see you or if he just wants to be heard. The name Yoshi is Japanese for luck, because it was luck that brought us together.




Hi, I'm Zeke! (aka "The Zekester", Eke!, and "Ol' Blue Eye"). I'm a two-year old Mutsky (my vet says I'm Copper Husky and Welsh Corgi), getting ready to celebrate my first anniversary with my adopted family. I love to run, play catch (I don't play fetch - I'm NOT a retriever), to go to Miss Amie's on rainy days, and sleep. I play my favorite game ("Get ZoŽ") as often as I can.




Hi, I'm ZoŽ (aka "Little Sweetie", Oy!, and "Pretty Girl"). I'm a two-year old Mutsky (my vet says I'm Sable Husky and Border Collie), and just celebrated six months with my adopted family. I love to play "ball" (I pick ball up, kick it around, and throw it for myself and Zeke!), to run, to eat mulch, and sleep. I play my favorite game ("Get Zeke!") every chance I get. I love to go to Miss Amie's




Zoe is a 10-month-old puppy who loves to play with her dog friends or people friends. She plays with all size dogs and politely lies down and rolls over so her little dog friends can jump on her.


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