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My name is Maasai and I'm a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. Since there are no lions for me to hunt in Germantown I like to spend my time at home running around after my 4 feline brothers and sister, chewing on anything and everything, or sleeping on the couch next to my mommy and daddy. I came from a liter of 13 puppies so I love the Doggies' Den, as it reminds me of all the fun I had with my canine siblings. When my parents pick me up in the evening and see how exhausted I am they always say, "A tired Ridgeback makes for a happy home."


Maggie J.

Hi my name is Maggie J. I have lots of energy and love to play. I love going to the Den as I get to play with all the other dogs and my mom and dad like it to, as I am tired when they pick me up. So mom and dad get some rest at night too.


Maggie S.

Hi I’m Maggie and a doggie day care veteran but just started coming to the Den since it’s closer to my home. I’ve decided that the landing of the play equipment is my favorite spot and Mr. Jeff is my new best friend at the Den.


At home we call her Princess Maggie. She is extremely loveable, and very much a diva. Since she is only 5 months old she has a ton of energy, but loves the attention when she is in the room!


Marco is a curious pug. He likes to meet new people and dogs, and he loves to find new sticks to bring home like trophies. After a lot of puppy activity, he will doze with a healthy snore – the little guy can really saw logs!


Hello, I'm Mason and I LOVE people. I'm such a love mutt that I get to shadow Miss Amie where ever she goes! I like to play tug with the Kong and chew on ropes. My retriever instincts drive me to play fetch but than I remember that mom says I have to be careful until I get my new hip...than I'll be back to my old self and allowed to chase all the balls my lab heart desires!


Massimo loves cuddling! He just adores people of all shapes and sizes and welcomes a hug and kiss at all times. He loves to run and play and he needs lots of time with other dogs to release that puppy energy. He is exceptionally wise and intuitive. He grew up almost too fast on the streets of New Orleans and was treated not so kindly. This fact is why he now appreciates affection and kindness so much. When he wants you to love on him he will rub his paws over his eyes. He is absolutely sweet and has become a great, loving Boy!



Maya is extremely friendly. Even though she’s almost 3 years old, she’s still a puppy at heart. She loves everybody and all types of dogs. She’ll become your new best friend if you grab a ball and endlessly throw it as far as you can. She’ll love you even more if you rub her belly when you are done playing. If only her 2 kitty friends at home would play fetch with her…and don’t let her get a hold of your hands…she’ll lick your fingerprints right off!!



Hi, My name is Miles. My brother Bailey and I are twins and we love coming to Doggie Daycare. I love to play all day with my new friends and chase them around the den. I would like to think that I am the leader of the pack but since I'm only 7 months old I have a ways to go. I'm actually a big baby and love it when people give me kisses and rub my tummy. I really like coming to see Miss Amie and Jackson at least twice a week. We run around and by the end of the day I am so sleepy. Mommy comes to pick us up when she's done with work and I can hardly keep my eyes open on the way home, but I always look forward to coming back to the den for another day of being with all my friends.



Hi, my name is Milo and even though I’m one of the biggest Germ Shepherds around, I still think I’m a lap dog. I just moved to Maryland with my mom and dad and am excited to meet new playmates.


Monty is a very active dog. He is very smart and knows his commands, but usually only follows them when he knows you have a treat.

Mr. Chips

I am a GIANT SCHNAUZER and 14 months old. I still have some growing up to do. I am a very robust and energized dog with a lovable and very agreeable personality. I make a good family pet. I'll play with anyone even the smaller doggies and especially Marmaduke (Great Dane) - someone my own size.


My name is Murphy and my life was very confusing until Lab Rescue emailed my picture to my mom. She and my human brother, Aaron, came to get me that same day. At first, I was scared of EVERYTHING but my new friends Duke and Perrin helped me learn not be afraid all the time. I love to play chase and wrestle with my friends. More importantly I have a mom to snuggle with. Life is good

Murphy I.

Murphy is very affectionate and loves to be loved and get attention. He loves everyone and is very playful. He is known in the neighborhood as the “Happy Puppy”. He wiggles his whole rear end when he is happy and excited. He is clumsy and goofy.


Murphy is a loveable, energetic beagle/husky mix. She loves her walks and will eat almost anything, she especially likes salad and comes running every time I take lettuce out of refrigerator.



My name is Mystique. I am a Boxer who is very friendly and loves to play. Chase is my favorite game. Whether it is chasing a ball or a rustling leaf in the wind…anything that moves has my attention…and of course, I can’t forget playing chase with my doggie friends. Catch Me,….if you CAN!!!!



Niki is a very sweet and loveable little minx who loves people especially if you have a treat for her.


Very friendly, very sociable, loves people and all animals. She loves walks and loves going to the dog park. Nikita is very alert and very easily entertained. She loves peanut butter and Jimmy Buffet music. She loves to go for rides in the car and to visit the vet. When Nikita is hot she "snorkels" in the water bowl-she has her own pool at home and loves to swim.



My name is Noel and I am 5 months old. I will be graduating from puppy school very soon and have begun agility classes in Sharpsburg. I am really fast and LOVE to run and jump. I also like to sleep a lot when I am not running and jumping. I was born in Ohio and came to Maryland in December.


Hi. My name is Oliver. I love people - especially children - and other dogs my size. I love to run around and play with my best friend Wiley. I love it when my Dad takes me outside to play ball. After he throws it, I run so fast to pick it up. Then, I run back to him even faster, so that he can throw it again. LOVE IT! I also love to visit the barn with my Mom. It gives me a chance to see and hear new things. There are lots great smells there, too. I look forward to playing with my new friends at the Den.

Paddington Bear

My name is Paddington bear- Paddy for short. I am obsessed with water. My mom loves it when I play in the bathtub. I am here to make new friends and exercise. I’m still a puppy and have extra energy. Hopefully, I’ll be coming home tired.



Pea Jay

Hi, I am a 5 month old Jack Russell Terrier. I am the smallest doggie at the Den but I sure don't let the other dogs know it. I love to give kisses and will get right up in people's faces or other dog's noses to do so.




Pepper is very curious and energetic. She loves people and other animals. She is not much of a lap dog unless she is exhausted. Likes to be on the move.




Princess is a puppy mill rescue that was turned in when she didn’t have a litter after coming in heat. She was flown from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania and stayed with my parent for a month before I brought her back to MD




Ranger is the home protector of a family of three, including a 5-month-old baby girl, Katie. Ranger can’t wait until Katie is old enough to play. Ranger is a good-natured, loving, mutt. He’s 6 yrs. Old, but has the energy of a 2 yr. Old. He’s very sweet and listens well. Ranger loves to run, play, and be around other dogs. Sometimes when he’s worn out he also likes to sit alone. With Ranger, a little “TLC” goes a long way.




I love playing, running, swimming and splashing. I take the kids to school everyday and love going for rides. I like to talk and get my tummy scratched.



Hi my name is Sammy. I am a very friendly Weimaraner and I love everybody. Three of my favorite things to do are playing with other dogs, kissing and cuddling. I enjoy coming to Doggies' Den and playing with my friends all day since I have lots and lots of energy! I like to chase balls, play in the snow and run through the woods when I go hiking with my parents. One day I hope to get my own brother or sister to play with at home, but I'll always be #1



I am a Goldendoodle about 6 months old. I am very very friendly and I want to play all the time. I like to take showers rather than a bath. I also like to dress up in silly outfits my mom puts on me. She loves to dote on me. I love long walks and the beach. I love to chase and be chased by other dogs so the Doggies' Den is a great place for me to spend my day. I love affection and praise from my mom.



Samson is almost 14 weeks old and is extremely playful and friendly. He want to jump up and play with anyone willing! He is in the puppy chewing stage and loves socks and slippers - no matter how much we tell him no!



Scotty is a smooth collie – same as Lassie but with short hair. He’s an outgoing, friendly guy who lives with his bother Laddie and 2 sister cats. He’s very curious and has to get his nose into everything. He has lots of allergies especially to grass, so the Doggies’ Den is a perfect place for him to play. He’ll love making new doggy friends!



Sebastian is a big loveable 4 yr. Old teddy bear who’s always wearing his Samoyed smile. He’s a little chubby and needs some extra playtime with other dogs. He’s the only dog in a 2-cat house and wants to make some friends. He is ultra laid-back but loves little dogs and puppies. He’s a 100-pound lap dog!



I am a 9 year old yellow lab mix. I am one of the older dogs of the place. I don't play a whole lot but it sure is fun to watch the youngsters play all day. Mom and I play chase when we walk sometimes as I have a tendency to run away if I am not kept on a leash.

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Shaggy is a young, very active, coonhound. He was adopted from the humane society and has settled-in in no time. He loves squeaky toys and to say hi to everyone. Watch out, though because he also loves to drool!



Hi! My name is Jake but most people call me Shake! My mom and dad’s niece couldn’t pronounce Jake so now everyone just calls me Shake! I’m a really nice dog and sometimes I even pretend to be a person trapped inside my body! Just ask me a question or talk to me and you’ll see how attentive I am! My best friend gets to come to day care too – aren’t we lucky? His name is Yoshi and he showed me some cool wrestling moves! Bye! P.S. If you see me – I love treats! Don’t tell my mom I said that though, she doesn’t like me to beg other people for them!!



I’m Shana and I’m pretty shy and reserved. Mom and Day bring me to the Den so that I can socialize with other dogs and get sometime away from home while their away at work. When I first came to the Den I was very nervous but now I look forward to hanging out with my new friends.




Shannon is a purebred male red/white collie who is blind in his right eye, but he doesn't know this. He can sleep in the middle of anything and not be bothered. He is very friendly with people and other animals. His favorite playmates are the Big Boys, large breeds. He doesn't know exactly how to take the smaller breeds and sometimes he feels threatened but not mean or aggressive. He might run first and then get to know them. He loves long walks, people, my rabbit, and riding in the car. He graduated 7/3/04 from Beginning Puppy Class. Would like to continue with the next step and work up to Agility classes when he gets older.



Hi, I’m Shombay. I’m seven months old, extremely intelligent, curious, and love being around people. I love kids. I have a human brother who is 4 and we like to play together. I love long walks in the woods and enjoy napping on my mommy’s comforter.



“Ah-rooring” is his way of talking. Often I’ll find him sleeping on my pillow in bed, he snores when he sleeps on his side. He’s very curious – loves dumping buckets and finding things.



Howdy, I’m Snickers the Bassett Hound not the candy bar. I love playing with my Beagle buddies Casey and Buster. I’m so much happier now that I get to come to the Den twice a week and it gives Mom and Dad extra time to spend with the loud thing they call “the baby”.



Hi! I am a 1 year old yorkie. I run all day and love to snuggle with my mom at night. As you can see I am very innocent, but then again don't let looks fool you. My brother Mishka is never fooled.



Is very affectionate and loves to go on long walks and come home to snuggle in front of the roaring fire. He is an early riser, often times waking his owners at 6 am, ready to go for a run!

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