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Gretchen is someone who came into our lives who doesn’t ask for anything special but offers us unconditional love and affection.




Greta…one word love. I’ve never met another dog that needs more love or has more love to give. Loves belly rubs and does everything her bi bro does. She’s a great mini Rottie!




Gretchen is someone who came into our lives who doesn’t ask for anything special but offers us unconditional love and affection.



I’m Ginger and don’t be fooled by my size ‘cause I’m all shepherd! My mom and dad rescued me from sure doom at a rural shelter in WV. I now have a great life here in MD, which includes coming to Doggies’ Den everyday to play with my new friends or be held by Miss Amie.



Hey there, I'm Harley and I'm the biggest Den Mate but don't let that mislead you! I'm also Miss Amie's biggest lap dog! I'm a year old Bernese Mountain Dog and I love all people and all dogs. I especially like playing with my buddy Bentley who jumps on my tummy and almost gets lost in all my hair. Life is good, Dad takes me to the dog park and mom takes me to the Den to play with my friend...what more could a big lovable guy ask for...well maybe you'll let me sit in your lap for a belly rub?


Harley S.

Harley the Weimar-monster. Always willing to play fetch. I love to chase the deer in the woods behind my house and play with my neighbors Lucy (German Shepard) and Mason(Black Lab). When it's time to slow down I snuggle with my owners and even manage to sneak under the covers at night, after I've eaten the cat's food.



Harry is a sweet, loving Berber, who loves sitting in the snow. He has never met a treat that wasn’t his favorite. He loves kids, dogs, sleeping and people. He is learning football strategies and rules in preparation for this fall of sitting on the couch with his favorite people.




Hi, my name is Henry and I’m a 2 year old silver fawn pug. My favorite things to do are: laying in the sun, playing tug with my brother Benjamin and playing fetch in a swimming pool but I won’t fetch a lot if on land. If I get real fired-up, then I’ll give you a big “woo-woo-woo” bark to let you know, I’m ready to play!! My mommy has dedicated and created a website just for pugs called




Hello, my name is Hudson. I was born in Sonoma, CA. I am a yellow lab and 1 1/2 years old. My favorite thing to do is hang out with mom and dad. I enjoy long walks and I especially like to go hiking. I am a good swimmer, although most people don't see me as an Olympic athlete. I am a creature of comfort and I love sleeping on down comforters. I am happy to be at Doggies' Den.




Humphrey, my gentle giant thinks he’s the size of a mini poodle. Very loving and sweet. Love’s to be praised and lives to please. A great Rottweiler!!



My name is Izzy but my mom calls me her little shadow. I like playing with my boy CJ and always sit in my Dad's spot when he gets up. I don't care much for my cat brother, Frankie, but I'm trying to get along.



Ivan is a very sweet energetic boy who was found wandering the streets. We’re hoping with some TLC and training he will became a terrific member of our family.


Jack S.

Hi! My name is Jack and I’m a 1-year-old Beagle. My mommy adopted me from the Humane Society 7 months ago and ever since I’ve fit right into the family. I love to run and play with other dogs and humans, but I especially love to sleep on my favorite spot on my couch, sometimes even under a blanket! I’m very lovable, and that works out perfectly because I love my family and they love me!



Where’s the ball. I can find a tennis ball anywhere—under the chair or buried in 3 feet of snow. I love to be outside and run around and swim. Sometimes I chase animals, but I never seem to catch them. I really love people if I love you a lot, I’ll lean on you a lot – so much that I might knock you over. I don’t mean to, I just love you that much.



Jasper is an eight-month-old black lab who loves exploring something new everyday. She’ll bring you toys and invite you to play for hours. Her quiet confidence and expressive eyes let you know that she’s up for any experience you want to give her.



Jenkins is a social butterfly. She will “park” herself in a down position on a walk to wait and see if the person she doesn’t know will stop and give her some love! She also does her part to recycle; she often picks up plastic bottles form our walk and brings them home for mommy to throw in the recycle bin.



I am a two year old Golden Retriever. I love to play with everybody so I don't get much of a chance to rest as there are so many dogs to play with.  So many dogs so little time to play.



Jordan is extremely friendly to all people, dogs and cats.  He is very loving and responds well to affection and will do anything for a treat.



My name is K.C. and I am very active. I love to play catch with my ball. I love to chew on my bone, and I love just being with my moms. I love to ride in the car and look out the car window at the interesting sites. I also love to play with my six sibling cats. I love to be petted, and to be the center of attention. I LOVE doggie day care!! (so do my 2 moms!)


Keoni Kai

I am a Norweigan Buhun with a Hawaiian name! I am supposed to be herding sheep but since there aren't any around I like to herd my family. I am only 3 months old and am learning to sit, come and lay for treats!! I am going to go to school to learn many more things. I wanted to come to Doggies' Den to find some doggie friends and I heard this was a great place for me to get my energy out!! My family says I am really a sweet boy -- I try to be!!



Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball!!! Oh…hi! I'm Kiva and as you've probably guessed, I love it when someone will throw a tennis ball for me! I'm a 3-year-old Australian Shepherd and I have lived with my Mom for almost a year now. I came to her from the Aussie Rescue group (ARPH) who had to find me a new home when my first family got a divorce and couldn't keep me or my brother and sister. I was sad for a while, but now I have a herd of 3 feline siblings (Mom doesn't like me to herd them, but sometimes I can't resist!) and I get to go to Agility class and for long walks by the lake (Oh boy! Squirrels!) and I even get to come to Doggie's Den and play with my new friends here! If you're wondering, a Kiva is a Native American ceremonial meeting house…I don't know what that has to do with me, although Aussies are a native American breed. Maybe Mom just liked the sound of it. Oh! Gotta run!! I think Amie has a ball…..



My name is Kaya and I just moved to Germantown from Austin, Texas in October. My 22 year old “sister” Lindsey named me Kaya (pronounced like ki – ya) after a Bob Marley song. I love the cooler weather in Maryland (Texas was HOT!) and the snow is fun to romp in! I love people best and when my Mom takes me to the dog parks, I’d rather get lovin’ from the people than play with the other dogs, but I am making new canine friends here at Doggies’ Den. Of course, Amie is my new favorite friend and I get to come see her every Tuesday & Thursday!



Kooka is a bright and intelligent 2-year-old rat terrier. He enjoys fetching, playing, the park and lounging with the family. Kooka is very affectionate and demads attention.



Kylie came to me from Topeka, Kansas and is named after a good friend who recently passed away. Her mom and dad are both champion bird hunting dogs.  Mom is a lab and dad is a pointer. The cutest thing she does is when people are talking, she stands there and looks as if she is really listening in on the conversation. As much as I am trying to correct her chewiness, I can't help but laugh when I see her little head with a big shoe in her mouth past me.



Laddie is a rough collie. He lives with Scotty who is also coming to Doggies’ Den. What a fun place! He’s a shy guy who loves to climb up on people’s laps to snuggle. He’s most happy lying in the backyard and watching the birds and squirrels – a real nature boy! He also enjoys herding his cat sisters.



Lexie has 3 cats at home she plays with. She was born on a farm; I got her on July 4th weekend 2003. She is very spoiled, loves to snuggle and get tummy rubs. Very sweet. She was in a litter of 8 – 6 boys, 2 girls.



Lexy is full of energy and has been since the first day we got her. She loves to retrieve anything from balls to stuffed animals. She’s always excited to meet new people and dogs.



Hello, my name is Libby, which is short for “Lady Liberty Belle”. I was born on the 1st anniversary of the September 11th tragedy, so my owners thought I should have a patriotic name.



Libby is our second Shih Tzu and joined our family after the loss of our sweet male and just before the loss of our yorkie. She is sweet, feisty and has more energy than a barrel of monkeys. She has had obedience training, but as soon as she’s out of her gentle leader she acts like a puppy. We love her too much for our own good!! She has a very angelic face, but a most devilish personality.



Loki will only eat his dog bones on his bed. He was inadvertently trained to do this to keep him from getting crumbs everywhere. He will even search out a door mat or throw rug if given a dog bone at a friends house.



My name is Lola. I’m very curious, energetic and I love to lay in the grass under the sun. Everything looks yummy to me especially toilet paper and paper towels. My favorite thing to do is sleep with my mommy and my daddy.



My name is Louie. I am a minature pincer mix. I was rescued by my mom and dad from West Virgina. I love everyone and everything. I especially like to play catch with myself. Everyone always compliments my parents on how cute I am. I guess I’m doing something right.



Lucy was adopted from the Lab Rescue. She is a loving, free spirited dog who loves to play. She can run for hours. After that she loves to cuddle upon the couch and sleep.

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