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Hello! My name is Amli and I am the biggest lap dog you have ever met! I love to play outside and go on walks. My favorite thing to do is play fetch in the park. I love tummy rubs and any kind of snuggling anyone will do with me. Watch your shoes, socks and gloves because I think they are good for snacking! I am a very loveable dog; don’t let my endless energy fool you!



Hi, I'm Andy and I'm named after Andy Rooney! The original Andy and I have a few things in common, we're both famous and smart with a little bit of humor on the side. I'm known for being the first Doggies' Den Mate but I forget what that Rooney guys is famous for? My mom probably knows.



Annie is one year old, is a combination of Golden& Basset? She loves people and playing. She is quite taken with the local deer population. One of her favorite foods is any small electronic device. After her trips to Doggies’ Den she is exhausted for at least 2 days. She is a super dog who loves life and trying to live in the human world.


Annie T.

My name is Annie Mabel, but most people just call me Annie. I can have a lot of energy at times and I enjoy going on long walks. Most of all I like to swim. Take me to the beach and I'm in dog heaven. I'm a very sweet and loving dog. Thanks Mom and Dad for finding Doggies' Den. It's a great place!!



My name’s Archie and I’m named for Archie Griffin since my mom’s a Buckeye. I was adopted from the Humane Society and am so happy to be out to play with other dogs. When I’m not playing, I’m happiest sleeping near my mom or finding a sunbeam to lay in!



Hi my name is Arlis. I am a Wheaton Terrier and I am 16 months old. I want to play with everyone all day and won't take a nap as I have too many friends to play with at the Den.



Hi, I’m Bailey and love coming to the Den once a week so that I’m not home alone when mom and dad are at work. Sometimes my best friend, Ben, comes to the Den on the same day as me so we can hang out together



Bailey is a 40 mph couch potato. She was a greyhound-racing dog at a track in New Hampshire where she placed in 30 of her 50 races. But now she has been retired and is content in lying around most of the time. Occasionally she’ll pounce and run around with one of her stuffed animals, but she’ll quickly retreat to the comfy confines of her bed.



Hi, My name is Bailey. My twin brother Miles and I love Doggie Daycare. We look so much alike that no one can tell us apart, except for I have a red collar and Miles has a blue collar. Mommy calls us her little angels but I think she means me and not Miles. I'm the kid to go to when you want kisses and someone to snuggle with. I run around the playground at daycare and my brother likes to try and catch me but I think I'm faster. There are so many cool dogs at daycare I don't know who to play with first! We play with our friends all day long that I can hardly keep my eyes open on the ride home when Mommy comes to pick us up. My brother and I love coming to camp on Mondays and Fridays to see Miss Amie who loves us and takes care of us while Mommy is at work. This is like Doggie Heaven!



The first thing everyone comments on are Bella's ears! She is a very happy and playful puppy who wants to make friends with everyone. She will play until you put her to bed. She has so much energy! She loves to lay on my lap at the end of the evening. She is on her way to being a big lap dog! She is one year old.


"Bella" Mona Lisa

Hi! I’m Bella and I’m only 3 months old and everyone says I’m very smart but mischievous. I’m trying to learn to be a good girl but I can’t help myself, as I love to chew on everything! Lucky for me, I’m the only dog in the house and my family can catch me before I get in too much trouble. I speak three languages, English, Italian, and Dog – however, I like Italian the best. My favorite thing to do is go outside walking and exploring. I love to eat all kinds of trash, bricks, rocks, logs, dirt clods and cigarette butts I find, but I’m trying to kick the habit while I’m still young. I don’t have a best friend yet but hope to find many at Doggies’ Den.



Ben is the most gentle, loveable dog we’ve met. He is happy on walks, but just as happy lying around! He prefers to be with people rather than other dogs.



I’m Ben and I just turned 2 yrs. old. I’m really lucky because my dad gets to work from home so I’m not alone but I’m even luckier because he brings to me the Den so that I can play with all kinds of other dogs. I like the other dogs but really I like playing with Mr. Jeff and the tennis balls.



Hi, my name is Benjamin and I’m a 2 year old apricot fawn pug. I am very high energy and I love to play chase and run fast, fast, fast! If I’m in a rare couch potato mood, I can chew a bone for quite some time. At home, even though I’m a week older than my brother Henry, they still call me “Baby Benny” because I am much smaller. My mom designed a pug lovers website called You’ll see my pug mug (and my brother’s) there a lot!



He was adopted from the Second Chance Animal Rescue. He gave our dog, Muff, a reason for living after her best dog friend died at the age of 13. The whole family was devastated after our Sunshine died. Bentley made us laugh again and had added years to Muff's life



My name is Bosco, the BIG DOG! The name of my game is PLAY! I never tire, love to wrestle and box, and can't wait to come home to my big sister, Kayla. I love people and will accept and give back affection to anyone who will give it to me.



Hi! My name is Bruno. Sure, it sounds like i should be this HUGE dog but once you meet me, you'll realize it's a perfect name. My favorite thing to do is play Kong! I love it so much I've got 4 of them! I love running up and down the yard chasing them. I have a very enthusiastic way to say "hello" - some people think I speak too loud. When I sleep, I like to snuggle under the covers but I'm told I take up too much room. Look at is that possible?


Buffy T.

Buffy lays on her back and chews on her Kong to break the Milkbone inside, and turns the Kong over and over looking inside it to make sure she got all the bone out.



My name is Buster, I'm really friendly and love to run!



Buster W.

Hi, I’m Buster, but my Mommy calls me her Buddy-Boy. I’ a 9-Month old puppy and I have tons of energy! I love to play, but I also love to be held and cuddled (yes, I may be 70 lbs but I still need cuddles too). My favorite games are keep away and chase. I love taking baths in my water bowl. I like to see how quickly I can get the squeaky out of my toys. Wanna play?



This Springer is full of endless energy. Wrestling with other den mates, going on “runs” and playing fetch are some of the numerous ways Carter spends his days here at the den.



Casey is an energetic dog that loves to play, and play, and play. She may be small in size, but she is not afraid to mix it up with the big dogs. But once she has played all day she is ready to just lay down with her parents and sleep. Casey is a very lovable dog and is a very good companion. She loves to experience new things and has the beagle sense of exploration in her.



Hi! I am a 1-year-old Yellow lab with cool green eyes! I love to run, jump and play with all my Doggie Den-mates! I also love to chew anything I can get my mouth around! My Mom and Dad don’t like it when I eat the furniture.. I don’t know what the big deal is.. I mean what else is it there for?!



Hi, I’m Charlie! I’m a 7-month-old lab/boxer mix. Wanna Play? I do! When I’m lying around my mom and dad probably think I’m resting, but I’m really just wondering when I get to play again. Got any good socks to chew on?



Cheri is proof that big things can come in small packages. Don’t be fooled by this Pug’s size, she will not hesitate to run around and tare it up with the big guys. Offer her a lap however, and she’ll be more than happy to sit with you before returning to her friends here at the den.



Chesca brings joy, boundless energy, and a sloppy tongue to our lives every day. She's a beauty queen with a silly grin and a loopy gait. Every time we come home it's like meeting for the first time. She begs for food, is always underfoot, sheds everywhere and we can't imagine life without her!

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Chester loves everyone and loves to play but when he's tired he's done and nothing you do (except food) can get him going again. He has great facial expressions when trying to figure something out. He wants to be a lap dog but then realizes he's too big. He's a great companion to not only people but other dogs because of his loving nature. To Chester, life is one BIG play ground and everyone is a new toy for him to play with.



Chloe is obsessed with balls. She likes to play hide and seek, and if no human is available she will hide them for herself, pretend she forgot where they were and seek herself.



Chloe is a big baby. She thinks she’s a lap dog and craves affection. She’s very friendly and loves to play with her cousin, Nick (a Dalmatian/Doberman mix). Walking in the park, playing with toys, taking rides, and having cuddle time are some of her favorite things to do. She loves everything and everybody.



Cleo has it made ~ She is the only dog of a childless couple.  We often wonder if she truly knows that she is a dog.  She loves and lives for playing ball, enjoys her veggies and likes to sleep under the covers with mom and dad.  She is a good girl with a pinch of sass and we love her all the more for it.



Cobi is an adorable, loveable 9 month old puppy. He looks most like his mommy, a Jack Russell Terrier, but has come features from his papa, an Australian Cattle Dog. Cobi loves people, children and other dogs. He has a lot of energy and likes to stay active. When it is time to take a nap, he likes to snuggle with someone or something. You'll love to get to know Cobi.



I’m Cody and the smallest Golden at the Den but don’t forget…good things always come in small packages.  I wrestle with my Den mates so much that my ears get something Mr. Jeff calls dread locks.  Don’t ask me what those are but I bet it’s something really cool!!



Cody’s playful, loving and just goofy.



Cokey is an energetic young Husky who loves to play, she will often initiate games with other dogs or people when she wants or will just relax with a short puppy nap.  Cokey loves to chase or be chased.



For a mutt, Colby is a beautiful, loving dog! He loves to play with other doggies and go on long walks. He gives lots of kisses and enjoys being hugged and kissed too!



Hey there, I’m Cooper the one and only Rhodesian ridgeback at the den. My mom and dad bring me to the Den since I’m still a puppy and they say I’m full of boundless energy. Miss Amie says I run and frolic just like Pluto…floppy ears and all.


Cooper M.

Cooper enjoys snoozing whenever he can. He loves to tack birds and is great at finding food – anywhere. He is really a cat in a dog suit as he knows when something new is placed in a room (so he has to sniff it out) and he loves to chase the laser light. Cooper is trying to keep up his grades, and hopes to one day serve his country as a detector dog in the beagle brigade. He subscribes to the teaching philosophies of the National Detector Dog Training Center in Orlando, FL.



Cyd-Ddwyn is a big dog in a little package. He loves to run around and play with people and other dogs, but also is happy just cuddling. At home, he has three cats to “herd” and anyone who has ever tried to herd cats knows how fun that can be.



Daisy is a sweet, high-energy 2 year-old bulldog that was born with spinabifida. Unusual intelligence and infinite capacity for love have more than compensated for her physical impairments. She loves people and animals, and is a friend to all. Sometimes she thinks she's a retriever, but she'd rather play tug-of war with the toy she's retrieved, like a typical bulldog.




Dakota is almost four months old and very much a puppy. She likes to give kisses, snuggle, chew and nap. Her favorite activities are to run outside, chew anything with a tag or a tab and drink water from the bathtub faucet. She came from a rescue in Chantilly, VA and we are so lucky to have her. Her mannerisms and playfulness constantly have us laughing.




Daytona was an owner surrender because his luxated elbow could become costly and the owner had 18 mo. Triplets and a Rottie and English Bulldog. Daytona is the most lovable dog you’ll ever meet. The first thing you notice is this abundant personality.




Duke is a very active little boy. His favorite playmates are other dogs and neighborhood children. His favorite games are your chase me or I’ll chase you. He’s very sweet and good-natured!




Duncan is a comedian. He lives with two Burmese cats and a Pikie Bob and plays with them all day. He is kindhearted, popular and loves to eat. His favorite pastime is to play and run with other dogs and to go out with his dog walker who is very kind to him.



El Guapo

My name is El Guapo, which means “the handsome one” in Spanish. I’m one and a half years old and two of my favorite things to do are eat and sleep. There’s nothing better than sleeping on the couch, but as soon as my food hits the bowl, I’m wide-awake and ready to go. Mommy sometimes gives me some of her cereal as a treat in the morning; I also love it when I get to eat bananas or cheese. My Mommy and Daddy try to take me for long walks, but I’d rather just lay down in my neighbor’s yard instead. A lot of people say I make lots of funny sounds, especially when I eat and drink, but that’s what makes me so cute and cuddly. I also snore a lot, but my Mommy and Daddy still love taking naps with me on the couch. I also have my own pool and I love splashing around in it. I’m also looking forward to having a baby sister in November and I can’t wait to be a good big brother to her.



Hi I am Emma and I am 7 month old black lab. I love to wrestle and my best friend is Marmaduke, Great Dane puppy. I love to come to the Den and play with all my dog friends.



My parent rescues me from the streets of Miami and now I get to spend my time lounging at the Den. Since I’m a sophisticated mature poodle lady, I prefer to spend my day with Miss Amie so you’ll often find me relaxing in the office and of course I’ll be wearing purple!



Franklin is a mixed-breed puppy but we think his true breed is “attention hound”! He likes to fetch, play with other dogs and wade in the creek. Franklin’s also working on losing his baby teeth by doing lots of chewing.

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